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No respite: Heat wave continues to make Kolkatans sweat

Kolkata: City dwellers on Thursday witnessed hot and uncomfortable weather, with many preferring to stay indoors during the afternoon hours.
The sultry condition has been prevailing in the city and South Bengal districts for the past few days, as there was no rain. There was a drizzle in some parts of the city in the late afternoon hours on Thursday, but it failed to bring any respite to the people as it did not last too long.
The regional meteorological centre in Alipore predicted that the hot and humid condition may continue to prevail in the next few days as well. However, there is a possibility of thundershower in some of the South Bengal districts, towards the evening hours in the next few days.
In view of the growing level of discomfort and high humidity level, the city doctors have issued some instructions on how people can avoid the sweltering heat during daytime. This time of the year generally does not see such a rise in the temperature but this year, there is an exception due to the heat wave coming from neighbouring states.
A senior official of the weather office said that the weather condition may remain hot and humid during daytime, as a result of which people would perspire more, particularly in the afternoon. Many of those who came out on roads in the scorching summer heat on Thursday, wrapped their faces with handkerchiefs. The doctors have suggested that people, particularly those who are going out, must drink adequate amounts of water and other liquids.
People have also been advised to carry umbrellas, to avoid the sunrays falling directly on their heads. People can also use sunglasses to get relief from the sun's glare. The doctors also suggested that the city dwellers must wear cotton dresses, to get some relief from the heat. They have also advised against drinking soft drinks from shops and roadside stalls, while travelling in the sun.
A large number of people were seen drinking lemon water or soda at the roadside stalls, while some others were found drinking soft drinks to comfort themselves in the sweltering heat.
Many were also found standing in queues to have lassi from stalls in Dharmatala area, during daytime.
Doctors also advised that if anyone is suffering from irritation or redness in the eyes, they should get medical help immediately, without wasting time. They also advised that anyone suffering from fever should be taken to nearby health care establishments without delay.
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