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No major improvement in Soumitra's health condition

No major improvement in Soumitras health condition

Kolkata: The doctors have decided to conduct Tracheostomy earlier this week on the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee who has

been undergoing treatment at a private hospital for over a month.

According to a senior doctor of the hospital no major improvement happened in the health condition of Chatterjee. The actor's health condition is the same as it had been in the past couple of days.

The doctors are yet to decide whether plasmapheresis would be conducted on the patient. The doctors are considering all aspects before taking a decision on plasmapheresis. The doctors are also seeking opinion from different

people in this regard. Chatterjee has undergone dialysis on Sunday.

Chatterjee's health condition improved a bit on certain parameters. His neurological function is however around 10 on Glasgow coma scale, more or less the same what it had been in the past couple of days. His lung function improved in the past few days. Lever function is also fine.

The hemoglobin level of the actor remained stable since Saturday while platelet count has gone over a lakh on Saturday. Actor's age has been a concern for the treating doctors.

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