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NKDA officials mull cutting edge technology to benefit citizens

Kolkata: New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) is mulling the idea of ushering in cutting edge technology for helping every single individual on the streets in New Town. Senior officials of NKDA recently held a brainstorming session with a team from IBM where the latter made a presentation showcasing the various aspects of using technology on the streets for better security of the people including women as well as improvement of law and order. Senior officials of Bidhannagar City Police were also present in the meeting.
"One of the basics of the technology is to have real time analysis of CCTV feeds and sending it live to the police. This will not only help in tracking crime but will also enhance the safety and security of pedestrians on the street," a senior official of NKDA said.
NKDA chairman Debashis Sen mentioned that using of Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition techniques through live analysis of CCTV feeds will also help in identifying people committing crimes or petty nuisance.
"We could send notices of fine to the people who commit nuisance on roads or spoil public places. Public spaces would also be safer for women if real-time analysis of CCTV feeds could send alarm to police in live mode," a senior official said.
The IBM team led by its director Anindya Mitra, also had its executive software architect Sandipan Sarkar. "They will take up the matter with their research team and visit the control room of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate then revert to us with a concept note. We will proceed accordingly," Sen said.
The meeting also discussed about the use of analytics on CCTV in real time to
predict traffic accidents or collisions and make the roads safer than now.
"Preventing traffic jams before they happen would also be a desired outcome," a senior official said.

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