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NKDA chalks out elaborate plans to battle vector-borne diseases

Kolkata: New Town Kolkata Development Authority has chalked out elaborate measures to control the spread of vector-borne diseases.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has asked all the municipalities, civic bodies and autonomous bodies to seriously take up anti-larvae drives.

State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim has also asked civic bodies to take up anti-larvae drives and maintained that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation( KMC) has served as a model.

BTI (Bacillus Thuringiensis Serotype Israelensis, a biological larvicide) and Temefos (an organophosphate larvicide) are sprayed alternatively in water in drain, stagnant water in open areas, water storage in under construction buildings, water in canals, water in abandoned machines and cars by two agencies as a part of the vector control measures.

Thirty-five spray man works everyday. They are divided into five or six groups and each

group is under one supervisor of NKDA.

NKDA has divided total New Town into 42 blocks for the purpose of spraying mosquito repellant and seven fogging machines are deployed every day.

As besides regular residents in New Town, thousands of people come to the area for work everyday and so NKDA has given maximum stress on the measures to control vector borne diseases.

One particular day of the week is fixed for spray in a particular block. One particular supervisor is also fixed for a particular block. Representatives of that block is informed in writing about that particular day and the telephone numbers of the five supervisors are also communicated to the representatives of the block. NKDA app is provided to supervisors and the representatives of the block with the direction that the supervisors will post snap shot in the Whatsapp.

Regular inspections are being carried out by a NKDA team comprising senior officials and then independent checking is done by a team of research fellows headed by an entomologist of Bardhaman University.

NKDA officials maintained that the measures have helped to bring down the number of vector borne diseases considerably.

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