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'NGOs & RWAs can set up temporary Covid care centres'

NGOs & RWAs can set up temporary Covid care centres

KOLKATA: State Health department issued an advisory, welcoming various non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and other organisations to set up makeshift isolation centres or Covid care centres with basic oxygen support.

"In the background of the recent rise in numbers of Covid infected people, there is a need to prioritise for those with significant symptoms. For the larger segment with mild symptoms isolation centres and Covid care centres are recommended. The NGOs, RWAs, and others may run isolation centres with oxygen support," reads the latest advisory.

As per the advisory of the department, private organisations can set up makeshift Covid care facilities at common utility areas and empty flats which are situated in isolated places. These facilities should have separate entry and exit points. There must be a sanitiser dispenser kept at the entry point for caregivers. "There may be a situation where patients with mild infection or with respiratory distress will require more such facilities if the infection rate continues to go up," experts said.

"There must be one metre gap between two beds in these facilities. Basic medications as per the state guidelines and basic oxygen support with oxygen cylinders/concentrators may be provided by the Health department. For availing these facilities, the private organisations must visit the Health department website. Those who will be interested to set up a Covid care centre can also tie up with the private hospitals for doctors' consultation. These organisations can avail telemedicine support from the Health department," the advisory states.

Basic clinical parameters like temperature, pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen saturation levels shall be monitored and recorded at least twice daily and four times a day for the patients who are on oxygen support. Nurses and trained community volunteers can be deployed at these facilities. In case a patient requires to be referred to a higher center or hospital, the initial management has to be given by the center before transferring the patient.

The NGOs and organisations, which are interested to set up makeshift Covid care centres, can consult the Chief Medical Officer of health in the districts and CMHO of KMC within the jurisdiction of the city.

In the wake of rising numbers of Covid cases, the Health department came up with this new idea so that parallel infrastructure is ready. The department has already dedicated more than 175 hospitals for Covid treatment and 200 Safe Homes have also been set up. Various private hospitals have been directed to open Satellite Centres as alternative infrastructure.

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