Three women allege molestation inside running bus, accused at large

Three women allege molestation inside running bus, accused at large
Three women were allegedly molested inside a private bus while it was going to MG Road from Howrah station on Friday morning.

The molesters managed to escape before the police stopped the bus at MG Road.

Meanwhile, police have started an investigation after the three victims lodged compliant.

Police said that the three women boarded the private bus from Howrah station. The route-24 private bus started from the bus depot and took MG Road.

Three youth got on the bus from Burrabazar area. They were standing in front of the women's seats in the bus.

They started misbehaving with those women and were creating trouble despite repeated request from the other passengers to end the matter there.

However, the youth paid no heed to the protests from the co-passengers.

One of the accused youth started pulling the hand of a woman as the other passengers protested against the act.

However, they even started threatening the passengers. In the meantime, one of the women dialled 100 and called up police.

The police stopped the bus, but were unable to catch the culprits. They had fled by that time. The women went to the police station to lodge a complaint. Some passengers were also accompanied to the police station.

"We suspect that they were local anti-socials. We showed some of the pictures to those women. They have identified one of the culprits," said a police officer.

One of those women, however, clicked a picture of those culprits in the bus. The picture was given to the police for helping out their process of investigation. "The picture was not very clear. We suspect they were Burrabazar-based anti-socials. One of them was identified," the officer said. Meanwhile, police started raids in the area after the incident. "They will soon be arrested," the officer said.
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