Man who helped love-struck couple stay together, murdered

A man was beaten to death while he was returning home from a Kangaroo Court at South 24 Parganas Bishnupur on Monday morning.

Police said that the man was an interlocutor between two groups of people who have been fighting over a relationship dispute.

The main reason of the fighting was a relationship between a boy and a girl. The two families were dissatisfied over their relationship and they forcefully tried to separate them.

Purna Chandra Majhi, the man, a local resident took the matter to the Kangaroo Court for the ultimate decision. The court directed the couple to stay together as per the recommendation by Majhi. But the family members of the boy were unhappy due to this. They captured Majhi at the middle of the road and started to beat him there. Majhi succumbed to his injuries.

"He died on the spot. But we took his body to the hospital. The doctor declared him brought dead," said the investigating officer of the case. "However, the assailants also hacked him from behind to ascertain his death," said the officer.

Police learnt that a local boy, Rahul (name changed) fell in love with Tumpa (name changed) a few months ago. They went to a temple and got married there. But
Rahul's family was unhappy with their marriage.

"They did not accept the marriage and insulted the girl. They also restricted the boy from meet the girl. But the boy used to meet the girl regularly. One day, some family members stopped them at a park. The two families then started to fight openly for that issue. The couple went to Majhi for a solution to this issue," said a police officer.


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