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Man who took tiger's photo at Neora Valley awarded

The man, who took the picture of a tiger at Neora Valley in Garumara National Park, has been awarded by state government.

The state Forest department honoured the photographer, Anmol Chhetri. The forest officers of Garumara National Park gave away the prize to the man at the forest office on Sunday.

Chhetri was looking extremely happy after he was awarded. The forest officers informed that the man is a driver. He took the snap while crossing the national park.

Chhetri saw a full grown tiger attacking a cow there. The tiger was eating the flesh of the cow while he captured it with his camera. "We predicted that tiger could be seen in this forest. But it was just a concept only. None of us could believe that this forest is the habitat of a tiger. His picture changed our concept," said a forest officer.

The Forest department examined the photography and video that was taken by Chhetri at the spot. Later, they came to the conclusion that the tiger is the part of this forest. "It is after 40 years that we found a tiger in this forest. We are really proud of this moment. We took Chhetri to the spot, where he took those pictures. We saw the carcass of that dead cow. We also spotted the paw prints of the tiger there. We have informed the state forest department and Sundarbans Tiger Research," the officer added.

Gorumara National Park is located in the Terai region of the Himalayan foothills. It is a medium-sized park with grasslands and forests. It is primarily known for its population of Indian rhinoceros.

"This is really a great discovery. Chhetri has really done a remarkable job. Any other man would have escaped from the area if such a thing happened. He is really a brave man. He deserves that prize," said the forest officer.


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