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New Town vies for platinum green city tag, adopts plans for vertical growth

Kolkata: The West Bengal Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation is planning to achieve vertical growth by allowing mixed development in New Town to achieve the platinum green city tag by the Indian Green Building Council.

In the concept of mixed development residential units are allowed to be built within commercial establishments.

"We have organised a design competition for a multi-storied building that will house residential, commercial, fintech, start-up and office units. Many noted designers and building architects have shown interest in the concept of mixed development by offering more Floor Area Ratio (FAR)," a senior official of Hidco said.

A senior official said mixed development with high FAR allows reduced transportation as the office and the residence are on the same premises. Facilities for shopping and dining can also be at the same

place and this would significantly reduce greenhouse emissions.

"New Town has already been rated as a Gold Green City in September last year by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and now we are moving towards a platinum green city," he said.

HIDCO has already allowed mixed development in New Town in the Central Business district on 4 acre where residential units up to 49 percent has been allowed in commercial plots.

"This move is to encourage vertical growth and to urge designers to think of taller buildings within the limits imposed by the flight path restrictions mandated by civil aviation authorities," the official said.

New Town is India's first green-rated satellite city and is a unique blend of ancient architectural practices and modern technological innovations.

The satellite township has already become a much sought-after city for many national and international companies keen to enhance the quality of life of its employees and explore new growth opportunities.

Several initiatives by the state government in New Town such as GPS-based vehicles for effective solid waste management, automatic control for streetlights, e-governance for collection of property tax, issuing of certificates and building plans of the township have been lauded by IGBC.

The introduction of electric air-conditioned buses has been appreciated under the sustainable mobility issue.

The cycle-sharing scheme has also received national recognition.

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