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Narcotics worth Rs 50 lakh seized in Watgunj

Kolkata: The Detective Department of Kolkata Police nabbed a person with huge quantities of narcotics from Watgunj area on Saturday night and arrested a person in this connection.

The accused persons were planning to smuggle the narcotics to Hong Kong.

According to sources, cops recently got an information that a racket dealing in narcotics is operating from Kolkata and the substance is sent abroad. Working on the information, police personnel from Detective Department came to know that the racket was operating somewhere in the port area but were not able to find out the exact location of the place.

On Saturday evening, sleuths found the location where the racket was operating. Around 10 pm on Saturday, police raided a house located on 17B, Sastitala Road in Watgunj. They found fashion jewellery were being manufactured at the place.

During the raid, cops found out from a man identified as Abdul Rajjak, who was present in the house, that the place was being used to manufacture fashion jewellery. During the raid, cops did not notice any suspicious in the house other than loads of fashion jewellery. During the search, one of the police personnel saw some colourful bangles which were kept separately from other things.

On suspicion when sleuths checked they found something was concealed in the bangles. After pulling out the polythene from one of the bangles police found some white powder suspected to be narcotics inside them. Sleuths found same kind of powder concealed in all the bangles.

Immediately, Rajjak was detained and grilled. During interrogation he admitted that the powder was a derivative of cocaine identified as Methaqualone which is being used as substitute of cocaine in many places outside India.

Rajjak was arrested and later, cops came to know that the Methaqualone was destined for Hong Kong.

According to the police, 60 bangles were found inside

which Methaqualone was concealed.

Sleuths also came to know that Rajjak with a few others were running the racket for a long time.

They used to send the Methaqualone concealed in the cosmetic jewellery which are very popular in Hong Kong. The consignments were being sent via courier services. The seized Methaqualone is worth Rs 50 lakh. Each one gram of the narcotics substance is worth Rs 8,000 approximately. Rajjak is being interrogated to nab other racketeers.

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