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Mystery deepens over sound of explosion in Digha

Kolkata: Mystery over the heavy sound of explosion at Digha deepened with fishermen finding damaged portion of some machinery that look like parts of a missile when they went out to sea.
Police said Nitai Nandi and four others went out to sea for fishing from Talsari on December 14. At a distance of around 80 to 100 km from the sea shore, they realised that something heavy was caught in their fishing net. They thought it to be a shoal of fish caught in the net and brought it out to find the heavy metallic parts of some machinery.
After returning to the shore, the fishermen directly went to Digha police station and handed it over to policemen. The police have sent it to experts to ascertain whether it is part of any missile or some other machine.
A senior police officer said that they are not ruling out the possibility of its connection with the heavy sound of explosion and that is the reason why it has been sent to experts for necessary tests. Panic had broken out in Digha on December 14 with a heavy sound of explosion leaving the tourists bewildered. A similar incident had taken place on August 26.
Police had suspected that testing of accuracy of missiles from Chandipur in Odisha was the cause of the sound.
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