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Mosquito larvae found on police station premises

Kolkata: Health department officials of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) made a surprise visit to Bidhannagar East police station and found mosquito larva in the stagnant water on the police station premises.

According to sources, during the past few years several police personnel posted at the police station in Salt Lake had dengue.

Keeping the facts in mind, Member, Mayor-in-Council (MMiC), Health, Pranay Roy along with his departmental officials, visited Bidhannagar East police station few weeks ago and were surprised to see the police station premises in bad shape.

According to Roy, cars which were seized and kept in the police station related to several cases, are the main places where mosquito larva was found. The newly constructed Bidhannagar East police station was inaugurated approximately a year ago. But the scene did not change. Apart from seized cars, flower pots and some containers were found on the roof inside in which mosquito larva was found.

Inspector in Charge (IC) of Bidhannagar East police station was asked to clean the premises as soon as possible. Roy also informed that soon his department officials will visit other police stations.

However, no official notice has been served to East police station but if they do not clean the premises then a notice will be served.

"We will again visit the same police station to see whether they have followed our instruction or not. We will visit other police stations soon. The problem has been discussed with the District Magistrate. If necessary we will talk to Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar in this regard," said Roy.

He further informed that apart from police station several state and central government office premises are also in a mess where mosquito larva has been found. Concerned authorities of those buildings have been served notices. Roy further said: "If they do not follow our instructions necessary action will be taken according to the provisions in the law."

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