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Money rains from city high-rise

Kolkata: People who were passing through Bentinck Street in Central Kolkata on Wednesday afternoon beholded a strange sight as they saw bundles of money being thrown on the road from a high-rise. Bundles of money were dumped from the sixth floor, room number 601, where the office of Hawk Marcentile Private Limited is situated.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) was conducting a raid at the office while the incident took place.

It is learnt from police sources that a total of Rs 3.74 lakh in denomination of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 were thrown on the road from the office.

Tribeni Pandey, a fruit-seller, who was at the spot said: "Suddenly I saw a bundle of Rs 500 falling at a distance from me. A man picked it up. Soon , I saw more bundles falling from the building. It seemed money was raining from the high-rise."

Another tea seller said people were seen running and collecting money. Even security guards were seen picking up the notes.

Some people, who were at the spot, handed over the money to officers from Hare Street police station, who reached the spot around 3 pm.

The office was locked from inside and the DRI officials were conducting raid when reports last came in.

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