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Modi insulted people of state by saying Bengal is in the DNA of BJP: Mamata

Modi insulted people of state by saying Bengal is in the DNA of BJP: Mamata

Contai: Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lost confidence in his party workers, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chairperson Mamata Banerjee condemned his statement that Bengal was in the DNA of BJP and said that it was an insult to the people of Bengal.

"He does not have the confidence in his own party and its workers and now he is talking about DNA. He needs to read out even a single line in Bengali using a teleprompter and I heard that he talked about DNA tests while addressing a rally on Saturday. It is an insult to the people of Bengal. We condemn such statements," she said, adding that they were wrong in thinking that she will not be able to fight polls with injuries in one leg. "My one leg is enough to play the game that will oust them from Bengal," she said reiterating that Bengal wants its own people only and dislikes "outsiders".

While speaking about the "anti-people" policies of the BJP-led Central government, she raised the question that "why names of 17 lakh Bengalis have been cancelled in the name of NPR in Assam. People of Bengal will never allow anyone to take away their basic rights".

She alerted people saying that BJP has fetched a plan to bring in outsiders to loot votes in Bengal. "They are bringing in outsiders who will be holding camps at every strategic location in villages. Do not allow any such outsiders to enter your area to hold such camps. They will try to restrict you all from exercising your right to cast votes," she said.

It may be mentioned when there had been a series of claims of poor turnout in the rallies of star campaigners of the saffron camp, each and every meeting of Trinamool Congress supremo witnessed turn out of a sea of people despite these being held in a gap of half-an-hour in, and that too, in adjacent Assembly constituencies.

On Sunday, Banerjee held three back-to-back rallies, starting from Dakhsin Kanthi Assembly constituency followed by the second one in adjacent Uttar Kanthi Assembly constituency and the third one was held at Nandakumar, in support of her party's candidate. The venues of the two rallies at Chhatradhara and Manijda respectively, are situated only about a few kilometres away.

She also urged the party workers to ensure that EVM machines are switched off and on twice after the initial checking of 30 votes. She also urged people not to leave polling booths without casting their votes even if they need to wait a bit in case of malfunctioning of EVMs.

Without naming the Adhikari family, she said that she used to respect them a lot and even painted a photograph of Maa Tara at their house. "In return they only back stabbed us. There cannot be bigger gaddars than these people," she said on the day when Sisir Adhikari too joined BJP in a rally of Amit Shah at Egra.

She even criticised the Adhikari family as her name was removed from the foundation stone of Digha gate though it was she who had laid it. "I had just said that I want to construct a small house somewhere in East Midnapore as I like the place very much. But I was not allowed. Now I will construct a small house at the bank of river Haldi and often stay here to safeguard the interest of the people of East Midnapore," she said urging people not to cast a single vote against money.

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