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Modi doing politics over Lord Ram, says Mamata

Ranibandh/Santuri/Barjora: "I do not bow my head in politics. When Modi alleges that Trinamool Congress is a party of syndicates... its government is run by syndicates, I feel he should get a tight slap of democracy (be defeated in election)," TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee said at a public meeting in Purulia's Raghunathpur.

Terming Narendra Modi a prime minister who is "known for telling only lies", Banerjee said in the past years, Modi has only spoken lies, engineered riots and converted Ram into an election 'agent'. She addressed three election rallies in Bankura on Tuesday.

The TMC supremo asserted that Modi will not get a second term in office as he has failed to bring in 'achhe din' that he had promised in 2014. "The price of essential commodities has gone up. Petrol and diesel prices have also increased. Factories got closed and three crore jobs were lost. Interestingly, Modi has not uttered a single word on the schemes taken up by him five years ago. He is only spreading canards against Bengal and telling lies. Even little kids do their homework before going to school but he does not," she said. "Children will pick up bad habits if they listen to Modi's speeches laden with lies," she maintained. "Every day, Modi is saying that I do not allow Durga Puja to take place in Bengal. This is a blatant lie but he is so shameless that he continues to tell such things."

Banerjee alleged that Modi has converted Ram into an election 'agent'. She said jokingly: "In heaven, Ramji is telling Sita maiah, it seems election is round the corner as BJP is taking my name. BJP takes Lord Ram's name before the elections and manages to forget him after the polls are over. They use him as an election 'agent'. In the past five years, Modi has failed to construct a Ram temple which he had assured in 2014."

She further alleged that wherever BJP leaders are going, they are inciting one group against the other. "BJP workers throw a cracker on a Hindu temple and then tell them that it is the work of the Muslims and vice versa. We want to live in peace here and do not want any communal riots in Bengal."

Banerjee reiterated that BJP is trying to bribe people to buy votes. "It is a dangerous trend in Indian politics. They are paying money to people to attend the meetings and even to cast votes in favour of their nominees." She urged the people to keep their eyes and ears open and inform the police if they spot any such thing happening.

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