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Modern floating gate installed in place of lock gate no 1 in Durgapur

KOLKATA: A modern floating gate has been installed in place of lock gate number 1 that collapsed under water pressure on November 24.
The new gate was installed with the assistance of a high-capacity crane. The gate was made to float in water before being brought up to lock gate number 1 and installed at the right channel. The Irrigation department official earlier said it would take nearly one-and-a-half hours to bring the new gate to gate number 1and the installation would be completed by Monday. The lock gate of the Durgapur barrage broke on Friday. The state Irrigation department had taken prompt action by rushing to repair it. It was stated that all the 32 lock gates of Durgapur were old and in deplorable conditions. The residents alleged that the incident happened due to the negligence of DVC and lack of maintenance. They also alleged that the barrage collapsed as it had not been dredged for a while.
The floating gate weighs around 65 tonne. The state Irrigation department has a plan to replace the other existing lock gates after completing the renovation of the Durgapur barrage. Department officials needed the water level of the barrage to be at 209-212 feet to float the new gate.
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