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Minors sexually assaulted in two separate incidents

Kolkata: Two separate incidents of alleged sexual assault on minor girls took place in the city and on its outskirts on Sunday.
In both the cases, the accused were neighbours of the victims and they were arrested.
A 32-year-old man Bikash Mondal was arrested following a complaint of sexual assault on a 12-year-old girl was brought against him. The victim's mother lodged a complaint with the Rajarhat Police station alleging that Bikash went inside their house and assaulted her daughter sexually.
The complainant went to one of her relatives' house for some days. Knowing that victim's mother was not present and her father was deep asleep on the first floor of the house, the accused had committed the crime. On Sunday morning, the victim's mother returned home and found her daughter in a traumatised state. The girl burst into tears finding her mother and narrated the entire incident. Subsequently, she lodged a complaint with the police and the accused was arrested.
The complaint claimed that the incident took place on March 5. But the complaint was lodged after five days as the girl didn't have anyone close to disclose what had happened to her. She narrated the entire incident as soon as her mother returned from her relative's house.
In another similar incident at Tollygunge Kalia Colony, a 60-year-old man was arrested on similar charges. The accused, Narayan Sardar, is the victim's neighbour and he used to take the girl inside his house by offering her toffees. It had been taking place for the past two months.
Parents of the minor victim girl noticed that she fell ill on Saturday evening and took her to doctor where they came to know that their girl was being subjected to such torture. In both the cases, police statements of the victims have been recorded.
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