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Minor boys found inside sacks on train

Kolkata: Three minor boys were found inside three sacks at a local train at Guptipara in Hooghly on Monday. Some passengers of the train noticed the sacks were moving and informed the police.

According to sources, everyday some passengers board the parcel compartment of the local train. On Monday morning, a few of them noticed some sacks kept inside the train were moving. Seeing the sacks moving, passengers got frightened and informed the Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel when the train reached Bandel railway station. Cops immediately seized the sacks. After opening a portion of the sack, they saw a boy's head inside it. The boy was brought out of the sack. After opening the other two sacks two more minor boys were recovered. All three of them were found in semi- conscious state.

The boys were sent to a local hospital where they have been admitted. Police officers are waiting for their recovery as it is important to find out how these boys landed up inside sacks on a train. Meanwhile, police stations in Hooghly and other districts were informed and the pictures of the minor boys were provided to the cops. It is suspected that the boys could be victims of human-trafficking. A case has been initiated at the Bandel GRP. Till Monday night, none of the three boys could be identified.

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