Medical Bank gives new clothes, sweets to 200 AIDS patients

Medical Bank gives new clothes, sweets to 200 AIDS patients

Kolkata: Medical Bank gave new clothes and sweets to around 200 AIDS patients who are receiving treatment at School of Tropical Medicine (STM).

There are indoor patients at STM and also patients who visit the

outdoor regularly.

The volunteers of Medical Bank along with the doctors, nurses and para-medical staff of STM went to the patents and gave them new clothes and sweets.

Most of the AIDS patients who receive treatment in the indoor section of STM have been deserted by their friends and


During the Pujas, they do not get any chance to visit the community Pujas situated in the area like College Square of

Mohammad Ali park.

D Ashis, general secretary of Medical Bank said: "It is unfortunate that even the educated people believe that AIDS is contagious and do not go to their near and dear ones. The patients feel lonely particularly during the Pujas.

For the past 15 years, we give them new clothes and sweets on the day of Tritiya just to communicate to them that they are not alone."

Lauding the venture of Medical Bank, STM doctors said: "Many of the patients feel lonely and depressed as their relatives do not visit them. They do not get new clothes to wear during the days of the Puja. They are really happy to receive the new clothes and sweets. Now, they dont feel alone."

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