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Mayor introduces leak detection technology near Tala tank

Kolkata: Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Tuesday introduced a new leak detection technology in water line by helium gas as part of water loss management system of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
"This technology will help us in identifying the exact location of leakage in the pipeline in a much easier way. A pipeline of length 2.5 km adjacent to Tala water tank is very old and often develops leakage that results in wastage of water. The installation of the technology entails an investment of Rs 212 crore," Chatterjee said.
Asian Development Bank has allocated loan to the KMC for augmentation of water supply system in the city. KMC had made plans to ensure round-the-clock water supply in wards 1 to 6 in North Kolkata, parts of Jadavpur, Garia and in Joka. In other parts of the city, KMC will ensure water supply for 12 hours for which the DPR is being readied.
The water supply in North Kolkata and parts of Central Kolkata entirely comes from the Tala water tank beside which the technology was installed.
Around 20 million gallon of water is wasted per day in the city, as per estimates of KMC.
Chatterjee also inspected the work for the repair of 108-year-old Tala water tank that will involve around Rs 76 crore. Two years ago, engineers had checked the Tala tank and had found as many as 20 small holes through which there was heavy wastage of water. "The wooden lid at the top of the tank and the base will also be replaced by MS plates to ensure longevity," Chatterjee said.
The tank had been set up by the British in the year 1909, and has been supplying water to the city since. "In 2009, some minor repair works were undertaken. But now, we are in the process of a total renovation," the official said. The Tala tank is located on a seven bigha land and has a height of 110 feet.
The Water Supply department of KMC will install water metres at 25,000 households in wards 1 to 6, among which, more than 200 such metres have already been put in place. A team from the Water Supply department is paying visits once in two weeks and are taking the readings of the water metres.
Officials of KMC, however, assured that water supply from Tala tank will not be disrupted during renovation works. "There are four compartments in the tank. We are taking up the compartments in phases. So, water supply will not be affected," a KMC official said.
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