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Man tries to commit suicide, cop thwarts bid

Kolkata: A middle-aged man tried to commit suicide by slashing his throat with a small saw like instrument at the crossing of Jadavpur and EM Bypass connector on Thursday morning.
The person's suicide attempt was thwarted by a senior police official of Purba Jadavpur Traffic Guard who was doing his routine patrol at that time.
It was around 9 am in the morning when Kolkata Metropolitan Water & Sanitation Authority (KMWSA) was undertaking work for pipeline in front of a Avisikta Housing Complex.
Suddenly the person snatched a saw from one of the worker and tried to cut his own throat with it.
The workers who were working there as well as some local people who were on the road raised an alarm but nobody dared to confront
the person.
However, the Officer-in- charge of Purba Jadavpur Traffic Guard, Tapas Manna, who was patrolling came down from his vehicle and somehow managed to take away the saw from the person.
However, the person had already inflicted some injury on his throat.
Blood was oozing out from his wound as Manna took the injured person in an auto-rickshaw and tried to take him to a nearby private hospital at Ruby crossing. However, the person who was desperate to set himself free from Manna's grip jumped into a big pond at the side of the road. Manna persuaded some local people who were experts in swimming to help the person. They jumped into the water and fished out the injured person.
Manna with the help of some locals took him to a nearby private hospital. He is presently undergoing treatment there and his condition is stated to be critical.
The Anandapur police station is trying to ascertain the identity of the person." He is probably an outsider as no one in the area knows him," an officer said.
The police is trying to ascertain the identity of the person which will help them investigate as to why he tried to commit suicide and that too in broad daylight in such a violent manner.
"I was heading to my office at Salt Lake Sector V. Such incidents are common in movies.
"But a person trying to kill himself in such a violent manner is unimaginable. The police officer deserves praise for his bravery, the way he unarmed the person," an eye-witness said.
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