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Man arrested with heroin worth Rs 10 lakh

Kolkata: Special Task Force (STF) of Kolkata Police arrested a man and seized heroin worth Rs 10 lakh from him on Saturday. According to police, on Saturday morning, STF officials were tipped off that a drug peddler from Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh was in the city and would to meet someone on Strand Road in the evening.

An STF team was engaged for the job. Amidst the bad weather, officials spotted a man around 6pm on the footpath opposite the office of Shipping Corporation of India.

Braving the bad weather, the man was eagerly waiting for someone. This created suspicion in the cops. After being closely monitored for some time, STF personnel surrounded him. When he was searched, the police found a packet that contained some powder.

The man, identified as Bharat Rao, was detained and brought to STF police station at Lalbazar.

During interrogation, Rao confessed that the powder he was carrying was heroin.

Apart from the packet of heroin, Rao had some documents with him. The police have seized the documents and are scrutinising them.

The STF officials are

also trying to find the man who was supposed to meet Rao to take the packet of heroin from him.

In August, STF had seized heroin nearly worth Rs 20 crore from various parts of the city. Following the arrests and seizures in August, no one was arrested with heroin.

STF officials claimed that the accused persons are linked to an interstate smuggling racket. However, it is not known if the same racket is functional again or a new racket has started smuggling heroin.

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