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Mamata warns BJP against spreading hate politics

Kolkata: Coming down heavily on the BJP, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned the party against spreading hate politics and in the same breath, urged people to preserve the country's unity and integrity. She was addressing a gathering at Mahamilan Math of Jay Guru cult at Baranagar on Monday evening.

"From time immemorial, the rishis in India had talked about religious harmony and peace. It is our tradition to love and respect the people belonging to other religions, cults and faith. Our parents, teachers and elders have taught us to respect our neighbours irrespective of their faith and religion. But over the years, things have changed in India. In the name of religion, hatred is being propagated and attempts have been made to weaken the society by spreading divisive messages," she said, adding: "At times I become scared and ask myself whether we can save the country's unity and integrity."

Recalling her experience in Puri, the Chief Minister said: "Some people belonging to a political party had raised slogans that I was not a Hindu and tried to prevent me from entering the temple. I was shocked. This is not Indian culture and tradition."

Without naming BJP, she warned the party and said in India the motive of dividing the country would not work. "Who are they to decide how I should dress, what I should eat or which religion I should follow? In the name of protecting cows, people were lynched. This is not Hinduism. This is the religion of some hooligans," Banerjee added.

Referring to 'sanatan dharma', Banerjee said: "Humanism and harmony are the basic tenets of Hinduism. Religion is intimately connected with service (seva) and when you offer service you do not see the person's religion, caste or creed." Contd on P7

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