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Mamata tweets poem against 'religious aggression'

Kolkata: A day before Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee is meeting the party leaders for post-poll analysis on Saturday, she has written a poem making a veiled attack on rivals criticising "communalism" and "aggression" in religion.

Her poem titled "I do not agree" which she shared on Twitter, the consummate leader maintains that she believes in the religion that draws inspiration from humanism.

The poem indicates that divisive politics has pained her considerably and she wants to come out of it through intense work. The poem, written in three languages — English, Bengali and Hindi — has been posted on Facebook too.

What she has written in the poem has been said over and over again by her during her election rallies. She is pained at the politics of hate and division in Bengal which is a place of Renaissance. Humanism has always been the driving philosophy here and she has drawn inspiration from it.

She said those who use religion as a trump card are rich and have nothing else to do. It may be mentioned that during the election campaigns, she had said that those who do not have any work come to Bengal and try to incite one religious community against the other. She was heard saying: "I have many things to do. When I travel in a car, I do not sleep. I look at the road and the surrounding environment and whenever I see that anything needs to be done, I call up the concerned authority."

Through her composition, she urges all those who believe in tolerance to come forward.

She said the whole world is one country and urged people to work to set up such a world.

It may be mentioned that one day before the result of the general election was out on May 23, Banerjee had written another poem titled Lojjito (Ashamed).

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