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Mamata pays tribute to Tapas Paul, says Centre's vendetta politics led to his death

Mamata pays tribute to Tapas Paul, says Centres vendetta politics led to his death

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the Centre while paying tribute to former party MP Tapas Paul who died in Mumbai on Monday.

"Central government's pressure has claimed so many lives. Three people died due to this pressure by the agencies. Sultan Ahmed (former TMC MP), TMC MP Prasun Banerjee's wife passed away and now Tapas Paul," said Banerjee.

"People are being jailed but central agencies have not been able to prove their involvement or conclude what crime they committed. If someone commits a crime, they must face action. But we still don't know what crime did Tapas Paul and others commit," she added.

Holding the Centre responsible for pursuing "vendetta politics", she said: "I had raised the issue earlier as well but many considered that I had spoken out for sake of politics. But today, I am forced to say that Tapas Paul was destroyed and had a devastating time after being tortured mentally. He didn't even get to know what was his crime but had to be behind bars for 13 months despite being a number one film star."

Banerjee further stated: "Tapas Paul had received salary for being director of an entertainment channel and this is the reason for which he was kept in jail for 13 months. In Sudip Banerjee's case, it was just a matter of upgradation of a flight ticket and the money was also returned."

She also added: "What is the reason behind keeping one behind bars day after day? I cannot even bear to look at his (Tapas Paul's) face. He will always remain immortal for his work."

While referring to untimely death of Sultan Ahmed after being mentally tortured by the Central agencies, Banerjee said: "He died after receiving a letter followed by a phone call (of a central agency) as he couldn't bear the mental torture."

She further maintained that it is almost a year that chief of Shree Venkatesh Films Shrikant Mohta is under detention. A similar situation is that of a well-known news editor. "I heard that Mohta is unwell and had to be hospitalised. He suffered a stroke," she said.

It may be recalled that Chief Minister had repeatedly stated that Sudip Banerjee and Tapas Paul were arrested because of the Centre's "vendetta politics." She had alleged that the Centre was harassing many of her party colleagues just for raising voice against its "anti-people" policies.

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