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Mamata calls for 'paribartan' to rid nation of fear psychosis induced by BJP

Business community, industrialists will not face any problem if guard changes at the Centre, assures CM

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday called for paribartan (change) of guard at the Centre to get rid of the fear psychosis, particularly among the business community, which the Narendra Modi government has induced in the country.

"There was a time when the people of the country loved the leader of their nation. But now people are apprehensive about the leader. This situation prevailing in the country needs a change. If this happens, I assure you that the business community and the industrialists will not face any problem. Communities like the Marwaris and the Punjabis will be able to live peacefully. We will work together and bring a new policy to ensure that you do not suffer from any harassment," Banerjee said at a Holi celebration event organised by the International Marwari Federation.

In a word of advice to the business community, Banerjee reiterated that till they (BJP) are in power at the Centre, they should be alert and careful. "The businessmen are scared as agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), I-T (Income Tax) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) are being set against them," she maintained.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister lashed out at BJP for questioning her religion and threw a Sanskrit mantra chanting challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. "Puja does not only mean sporting a tilak, Amit (Shah) babu and Modi babu (PM Modi). Come have a competition of mantras with me. Let's see who knows more Sanskrit mantras," she said.

"They allege we do not allow Pujas in Bengal. They should go and see how many 'mandirs' (temples) have been constructed. Humanity is my religion and I do not need lectures from them about religion," she added.

Providing a list of the shrines that have received a facelift during her government's rule, she said that the state government has recently inaugurated a skywalk at Dakshineshwar. Tarakeshwar and Tarapith have been developed and Gangasagar has witnessed a total overhaul.

"People used to say 'Sab tirtha barbar, Gangasagar ekbar'. Now they say 'Gangasagar barbar'. They have failed in building the Ram Mandir and simply engage in political rhetoric over it before elections," Banerjee said.

Continuing her tirade against the saffron party, she asserted that she believes in playing Holi with colours "unlike some sections

(BJP) which believe in paying with blood".

"I believe in playing Holi with colours and with a pure mind, unlike them who believe in playing Holi with the blood of others. I do not need to learn the meaning of communal harmony from a divisive force like the BJP," Banerjee said.

She urged the people of the state to maintain communal harmony on the days of 'Doljatra' (as the festival of colours is known in Bengal) and Holi and cautioned people to be on guard against any effort to disturb peace in the state.

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