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Mafias who joined BJP getting special security but sincere workers like me are neglected: Sujata

Mafias who joined BJP getting special security but sincere workers like me are neglected: Sujata

Kolkata: The defection of Sujata Mondal Khan, wife of BJP MP Saumitra Khan from BJP to Trinamool Congress (TMC) has sent shockwaves in political circles with Saumitra soon after his wife's joining TMC declaring in a press conference that he would send a divorce notice to her.

There has been more than one instance in politics when members of a same family have had different political affiliations but that had not been a deterrent to personal relationships.

"I have always believe that politics should not meddle with family affairs BJP might have pressurised him (Saumitra) and so as soon as I joined TMC, he in a open press conference declared serving divorce notice to me. Once it was the saffron party members who had referred to us as an ideal couple and had compared us with Ram Sita. I have always known that husband–wife relationships are made in heaven. But politics is so cruel, I have never thought it would break a relationship. Declaring divorce in an open press meet is worse than

triple talaq," Sujata said in an interview with a private TV channel.

She referred to TMC's senior leader Sougata Roy and BJP leader Tathagata Roy whose different party affiliations did not come between their brotherhood. "The same also holds true in case of Mukul Roy and his son Subhranshu Roy. The latter joined BJP almost two years after his father Mukul Roy did but the elder Roy (Mukul) did not announce that he is shunning his son," Suajta said.

She came down heavily upon the BJP and declared that the party has not given her any importance even after she worked hard for BJP winning the Lok Sabha elections in Bishnupur constituency. It was Sujata who played a pivotal role during Saumitra's election campaign during 2019 Lok Sabha polls when her husband had failed to enter the constituency due to various police restrictions imposed on him.

"I am a Dalit woman and is this why I am being denied to work in the saffron party with my head held high? Other women leaders who have joined the party just recently are getting importance in the party but my hard work for so many years have gone unrewarded," she said claiming that she was not craving for any post but wanted respect and a platform to work for the people.

Referring to the BJP as the B team of Trinamool Congress she maintained that leaders with a tarnished image are joining BJP and are getting prominence in the party. "They are selfish, opportunists and have joined the party for their petty interests. Extortionists, mafias who have joined the party are getting special security cover but workers like me who had been working tirelessly for so many years have remained deprived and neglected," Sujata said.

Referring to the statement made by Tollywood actor Kanchana Moitra who had recently joined BJP that Sujata was unable to adjust with organisational norms of the saffron party, Sujata retorted: "Somebody who has come to the party a few days back is preaching politics to me. This is the tragedy with the saffron party. She is thinking herself as a leader but she is an actor and politics should never be her cup of tea." Sujata made it clear that she never wanted to break relationship with her husband and never wanted any

harm to him.

"I have always wanted his progress in politics and still want him to fulfil his political ambition," Sujata said. She reiterated that even if Saumitra allows her to continue with the political stand that she had taken she would continue to live with her husband.

Saumitra on Monday night served divorce notice to Sujata where he had levelled several accusations on her which includes her quarrelsome nature and pressuring her husband of ensuring that she gets a high position in the saffron party. Saumitra had also accused Sujata of cajoling him to join Trinamool Congress and hurling abuses at him when he had refused to do so.

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