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Lakhs pull chariots on Ulto Rath Yatra in Bengal

Lakhs pull chariots on Ulto Rath Yatra in Bengal

Kolkata/Myapur: Lakhs of devotees across Bengal participated in as Ulto Rath Yatra or the return chariot journey of lord Jagananth and his two siblings on Friday.

After their nine-day stay in Gundicha temple, believed to be aunt's place, according to Hindu rituals, Lord Jagananth, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra returned home during the day.

In Mayapur, after spending nine days at the ISKCON Chandradaya temple, the three grand chariots were opulently decorated with variety of colourful flowers.

A In a rhythmic style, the deities of Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra moved forward step by step, known as Pahandi Vijay, from the Gundicha temple to their respective carts. The accompaniment of beating of 'ghantas' and 'khol' and blowing of conch shells added to the grandeur of the celebration.

Devotees from close to 70 countries like Australia, France, Russia, Peru, Britain, America, China, Brazil, Spain danced and sang ecstatically as they bid adieu to the Lord from Gundicha temple.

Beside, more than 50,000 people witnessed the Ulto Rath Yatra at the headquarter of International Society for Krishna Consciousness in Mayapur of Nadia district.

In Kolkata, ISKCON's Ulta Rath Yatra attracted a huge crowd.

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