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Kumartuli Park Sarbojonin invites aliens to woo visitors

Kolkata: If you are looking to take your children into a world beyond planet Earth during Durga Puja this year, then Kumartuli Park Sarbojonin in North Kolkata should be your on your list.

"This year's theme titled 'Uki Jhuki' has been conceived keeping children in mind. The pandal will be shaped like the Earth and inside it there will be things that are an integral part of the solar system and the universe that arouses curiosity in human mind. The scientists are constantly delving beyond planet Earth for exploring something new in the universe," said Subir Chatterjee, general secretary of Kumartuli Park Sarbojonin, which has stepped into its 27th year this time. The entry of the pandal will seemingly be through a rocket and alien figures will be moving in a manner which will be of special delight to everyone. "The décor of the pandal is being made in a manner to create the impression that the aliens have descended in the earth to soak themselves in festive fervour," added Chatterjee.

Artist Chandan Pal is designing the pandal through the use of paper, fibre and plywood.

"Durga Puja, now-a-days is a platform for us to showcase art work. There is a belief that there is life beyond Earth and it is the aliens who inhabit these places. The aliens seated in the cockpit of UFO will seemingly be peeping into the planet Earth to catch a glimpse of what is happening here. So our theme is titled Uki Jhuki," Pal explained.

The idol of Devi Durga and her entourage however will be sabeki. The height of Durga will be nearly 17-feet. Special metallic colour is being used keeping parity with the theme. Naba Pal is making the idol of the Puja. There has been a lot of excitement and zeal among the children and common people with Chandrayaan II's recent moon mission. "We want to keep people engrossed in the same thought during the Durga Puja too," Chatterjee said.

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