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Kolkata to experience showers today, says MeT office

Monday may be a rainy day for Kolkata, the forecasters of Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) indicated. There was no sign of the much-awaited spell of pre-Monsoon showers over the city for the past few days as people suffered with unbearable heat.

The weather conditions are discomforting due to increased humidity witnessed across the state and even in Kolkata. In this increased moisture, excessive sweating has been witnessed raising the discomfort of the citizens.

"It is really a lull phase of weather for the last couple of weeks in Kolkata. The city is receiving moisture but it is not good enough to bring rainfall and a little cool weather could provide relief," said a meteorologist. The doctors, however, suggested a series of precautionary measures. They indicate that as the heat intensifies, people run the risk of seasonal diseases like sore throat, fever, conjunctivitis and even chicken pox.

Kolkata recorded extreme heat in the last few days with temperature approaching towards 40 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, Kolkata recorded 38 degrees Celsius. Normally, such high temperature is felt in May. But in the past couple of years, temperature almost peak even by early April.

The meteorologists, who regularly deal with weather data, explained that the average temperature of Kolkata in May is 36 degrees Celsius (maximum) and 26.4 degrees Celsius (minimum).

"Kolkata recorded highest temperature in May 28, 1958, when the MeT office recorded 43.7 degrees Celsius as maximum temperature of the day. The lowest was recorded in May 3, 1887 when the temperature was 18.3 degrees Celsius," said a meteorologist. History suggests that Kolkata was never so rainy with the number of rainy days amounting to less than six. "Kolkata witnessed heaviest rainfall in May 26, 1893. The rainfall was measured in 156.2 mm," he added.

"Dehydration is common at this time when temperature crosses 35 degrees Celsius on a daily basis. Chances of diarrhoea are high now. Heat-related diseases like dehydration, vomiting and diarrhoea can be prevented only by drinking lots of water. Typhoid fever and jaundice may increase due to unhygienic water also," said Dr Surjya Jyoti Choudhuri, a state government-run hospital. "I will suggest that people avoid direct sun and carry drinking water while travelling. Eating succulent fruits and coconut water may help at the end of the day. Spicy food too should be avoided," said a private practitioner.
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