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Kolkata Police shooting range bullets its way to popularity

Kolkata: The initiative of the Kolkata Police to gift an Olympic-standard shooting range to common people has become immensely successful with eight people given the opportunity to sharpen their skills on its first day on Saturday.
On the very first day when it was thrown open for common people, the shooting range at Kolkata Police's Police Training School (PTS) has become immensely popular.
The Kolkata Police has set up the state-of-the-art shooting range and common people are getting opportunity to practice shooting at the place. The shooting range is with electronic target system that is another reason for its steadily growing popularity.
People who got the opportunity to practice shooting at the Kolkata Police's newly set up shooting range, had applied by logging into
Since the opportunity to practice shooting is given only after going through details of an applicant, one needs to provide information including name, residential address, contact details along with a photo identity proof, occupation, blood group and whether the applicant has any prior experience of shooting.
Setting up of the shooting range and allowing common people to practice there to improve their skills will increase the connection of the police with common people. It will also help as a part of community police in which the police establishes a direct link with citizens through different projects. Mainly the youth are encouraged to take part in such sports.
According to a police officer, this is a unique way of remaining connected with common people and at the same time it might happen that the shooting range comes to the help of a person who needed such a target range to practice it as a sport.

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