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Kolkata Police mulling new signal lights in bid to boost visibility

Kolkata: Kolkata Police is mulling to introduce new signal lights in a bid to boost their visibility to drivers and pedestrians. As an experiment in this regard, Kolkata Traffic Police has recently installed a 'T' shaped signal post at Deshapriya Park crossing, with LED strips along the entire post.

If the step is found to be successful and approved by the drivers, other major signal posts across the city will be set up in the same manner.

Since the last few months, senior traffic police officials have been mulling steps to stop signal violation by the drivers as well as violation of the road norms by pedestrians.

It has been observed that several drivers, when caught for violating traffic signals, stated that he/she failed to notice the signal lights as a big vehicle such as a bus or truck was in front of them. In many cases, drivers have also failed to identify the signal lights from far. While crossing the road, pedestrians often don't follow the signals either, owing to low visibility from all angles.

According to Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Pandey Santosh, the 'T' shaped signal post has been wrapped with LED lights along with the conventional signal lights and both are connected with the same signal control. As a result, when the conventional signal light changes colour, the whole LED wrapped post changes colour with it.

"This step has been taken up on an experimental basis. Our aim is to increase traffic signal visibility to the drivers and pedestrians. Using this method, they can be seen from a distance despite obstructions like hoardings or trees," said Pandey.

Sources informed that several other crossings have also been marked, which may soon receive a similar treatment.

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