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Kolkata feels the chill at 140C

Kolkata: With the onset of winter, Kolkata finally witnessed the coldest day of the season on Sunday with the temperature dropping to 14 degree Celsius.
People in the city have already taken out their woollen clothes from their closets. The regional Meteorological office at Alipore predicted that mercury may drop further in the next few days. The Alipore weather office also predicted that people in the districts will feel the winter chill from the first half of next week as the Western disturbances which was earlier predicted to drop the temperature will hardly have any impact on the weather of the city.
Earlier, the weather office predicted that the process of the mercury going down might be interrupted for 2-3 days after November 25 due to Western disturbances. It also predicted that winter may finally set in its full swing from the first week of December.
Weather experts forecast that there will be no disruption in the winter process in Bengal and Bangladesh.
The experts also said the north-westerly winds have started sweeping through the state for quite some time now which will pull the mercury further down making people feel the chilly winter days.
The North Westerly wind has started blowing from the snow laden Himalayan region for quite a few days now, dragging the mercury lower. It was initially thought that the North Westerly winds might get interrupted due to the Western disturbances. There was delay in the arrival of winter this year as a low pressure trough formed over Bay of Bengal which later moved towards Bangladesh.
With the drop in the temperatures, people have started thronging to various places in the city. Today being Sunday many people were seen basking in the mood of winter inside the Alipore Zoological Garden. The other places that have seen a major footfall are Victoria Memorial, Eco Toursim Park and Millennium Park.
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