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Mamata urges people to co-operate with industrialists

 Team MP |  2017-07-10 17:42:23.0  |  Kolkata

Mamata urges people to 
co-operate with industrialists

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday urged the people to co-operate with industrialists and not to create any disturbances for them as it would hamper the process of development and economic growth that has been initiated by her government.
"Do not disturb the industrialists. Let them work in a peaceful manner and help them grow. The state government will always extend full co-operation for setting up new units across the state," Banerjee said.
She was speaking at a rally at Nandakumar in East Midnapore where she inaugurated a host of developmental projects including a Mega Power Project that has come up at Haldia. India Power Corporation Limited has constructed a 3x150 Mega Watt thermal power plant at Haldia in assistance with the state government.
"The state government has given 198 acre land from its land bank for setting up the power project. In addition to that, around 14 acre land has been procured by the company for this mega project. The project has come at an approximate cost of Rs 3,500 crore," Banerjee maintained.
During her speech, she also mentioned that many more investments are coming up in this region as it happened before.
Haldia Petro Chemicals will pump in more investment. A modernisation programme is being initiated at Kolaghat. She also urged the industrialists to invest more in Bengal. Banerjee once again reminded the people of Nandakumar that development of a particular area cannot take place without the help and co-operation of the common men in the locality.
The Chief Minister also expressed her thanks to Indian Power Corporation Ltd for setting up a power project in East Midnapore. She also said: "All the industries should come up with new initiatives. The state government will extend all its support to make it happen. It is our pledge that our government will move forward with the process of development that had already been initiated by the government."
It may be mentioned that this not the first time that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has appealed to the people seeking their co-operation to thrive industries. In some of her previous programmes, she had given a clear instruction that her government would not allow any kind of hooliganism and extortion. It has often been seen that some people demand extortion from the industrialists which tarnishes the image of the state government.
Banerjee had sent across a strong message that her government would not allow this and asked the administration to take stringent measures to curb these incidents.

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