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Aradeep Chatterjee is not a cancer researcher, confirms National Institute of Homeopathy

National Institute of Homeopathy has confirmed the Bidhannagar Police that the claims of the fake doctor Aradeep Chatterjee as a cancer researcher is completely false.
Aradeep was arrested on June 29 after the police received a complaint that he was practicing as a cancer specialist at Lake Town despite not having any valid degree.
The accused had claimed that he carries out research work on cancer and on the basis of which, he prescribes medicines to patients.
Based on his claims, the police wrote to the National Institute of Homeopathy whether there is anything called Psorinum therapy. In its reply the institute has clearly informed the Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate that they are not aware of anything as such called Psorinum therapy though there is a medicine named Psorinum.
It may be mentioned that the police had seized medicines from the clinic situated in the residence of Aradeep at Lake Town. The bottles of the medicines carried labels with peculiar abbreviations like 'ARA', 'D', 'EEP' and 'TTER' printed on it.
The institute has also informed the police that one cannot practice if he or she is not having either a degree or diploma. At the same time, permission of the homeopathy council is required to undertake any research work. He has even failed to provide any documents that prove he had permission to undertake a research work.
Aradeep had also claimed that he had pursued certain courses from foreign universities. The police also wrote to those universities to know whether the claims are true or not.
The police have also come to know that despite taking admission in the institute to pursue his course in homeopathic medicine, he was a drop out and didn't complete his course. The police are writing to the institute to know the reason that why he didn't continue his course.
Meanwhile, the police arrested a fake doctor Ramendranath Roy from Cooch Behar. The police and officials of the Health department conducted a joint raid based on a tip-off and arrested the fake doctor.
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