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Biotechnology dept to set up tissue culture lab

The state Biotechnology department has decided to set up a state-of-the-art plant tissue culture laboratory at the Kolkata Biotech Park to enhance production and quality of plants and vegetables.
There will be scientists and research fellows who will carry out various kinds of research on plants and bio-fertilizers and how they can be used to increase the production of vegetables in the state. Various medicinal plants will be conserved in the Biotech Park for research purposes. It has been learnt that the department is in the process of formulating the Biotech Policy for Bengal.

The state government has already taken the initiative to upgrade the infrastructure of Kolkata Biotech Park, apart from setting up new Biotechnology hubs in Burdwan and Kalimpong. The department has been focusing on the modernisation and expansion of the Common Instrument Facility Centre in the Biotech Park in the city. The department of Biotechnology will obtain all the necessary approvals and clearances to secure funding for the augmentation of the 'Bioincubator Facility' in Kolkata.

The department has a plan to conduct research on tissue culture to increase the yield and quality of various products but also to provide germ-free food to the common people. The Biotechnology department will tie up with other departments like Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Processing to strengthen organisational collaboration.

Better co-ordination with other departments will help the Biotechnology department to successfully implement the schemes. The department will help the Agriculture department to improve the quality of various fertilizers. It is also working to increase the production of fishes for the Fisheries department.

Tissue culture will be of immense help in increasing the productivity of land by enhancing crop quality, developing crops resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses, developing bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.
Bengal is rich in the biodiversity of crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers and other plant resources. The main objectives of the department are to provide better facilities to the common people and to improve the quality of life. It will also promote the overall development of both traditional and modern biotechnology in the state including various livelihood development programmes. It will also strengthen biotechnology-based aspects that will help in the development of the state economy from the grass-root level.

The Biotechnology department is applying specialised knowledge, skills and management to develop a viable and vibrant biotechnology-based industry in the state. It stresses on equitable and inclusive development through scientific means.

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