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KMC giving special training to docs on cardiac ailments, diabetes

KMC giving special training to docs on cardiac ailments, diabetes

Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is giving special training to its doctors on cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and hyper tension that are on the rise in the city.

The doctors are being given training by the specialists attached to state-run hospitals and Public Health Foundation of India.

The civic doctors will treat patients at the Urban Primary Health Centres situated in every ward. There are 144 such centres, with one in every KMC ward.

The civic authorities had earlier given training to the doctors on COPD. The doctors who have received training will function as specialists and will be treating the patients in better ways.

A senior KMC doctor said that the number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes and hypertension is skyrocketing and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that India

will be the main centre of coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer and depression within the next couple of years.

Earlier, it was believed that only the affluent people suffered from heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes, but now people from economically challenged background are found to be suffering from these diseases as well.

Many of these patients visit the Urban Primary Health Centres and the doctors with training will be able to treat them in a better way.

The KMC gives costly medicines to the patients suffering from diabetes and kidney ailments, free of cost. 300 ml Insulin, worth between Rs 700 and 800, is given to the patients free of cost.

Senior KMC officials regretted that though the medicines are given free of cost, people from well-to-do background do not come to the clinics as the treatment, including medicines is provided free of cost.

"It is a tragedy that the people are ready to pay the visit fee to doctors in private clinics and buy medicines at high cost, but will not come to the KMC clinics where treatment is free," an official said.

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