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KMC conducts food drives in South Kolkata

Kolkata: Atin Ghosh, member, Mayor-in-Council (Health) along with senior civic officials on Friday conducted a drive at restaurants and food stalls situated in between Lord's Bakery intersection and Jadavpur police station in South Kolkata and destroyed food items found to be of below standard.
The civic authorities are conducting drives against food stalls, hotels and restaurants serving poor quality food.
Ghosh said some restaurants that were found to be using non-permitted colours were cautioned and the food stuff prepared with the colour was destroyed. KMC's food inspectors visited each and every food stall and restaurants and inspected the food items. They also checked the quality of the oil that is used to cook food.
Ghosh said the drives have received support from people who want good and quality food.
"As thousands of people take food from roadside food stalls, the quality needs to be checked as we cannot allow people to take something that are not upto the mark. Many non-permitted colours are being used which are not good for health. People often fall sick after consuming food from a particular stall but as they live in other areas, they do not come the next day to lodge complaints with the owners of the stalls. To ensure that quality food is served, drives will be conducted everyday and those selling poor quality food will be pulled up," Ghosh said.

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