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Kin ransacks hospital after patient's death, 5 arrested

Kolkata: Tension ran high at AMRI Dhakuria after the family members of a patient, who allegedly died of negligence, went on a rampage ransacking a portion of the hospital on Wednesday morning. The family members alleged negligence behind the patient's death.
The family members of the victim lodged a complaint against the hospital authorities at the local police station. The hospital authorities also lodged a counter complaint at the police station against the family members for ransacking the hospital premises.
Police have arrested five persons in this connection so far. The patient, Gulnar Khan (16) was admitted at AMRI Dhakuria on September 27 at around 12.10 pm under Dr R K Dutta Roy, a medicine consultant. The patient was admitted with a history of fever for the last five days and vomiting. On admission, she came with tested dengue NS1 positive. She required critical care from the morning of September 28 and she was shifted to ITU with the written consent of the patient's relatives. Her potassium level had been high and she was hypotensive.
The family members of the victim alleged negligence in treatment. The hospital authorities did not allegedly inform them about the deterioration of her health condition. It was also alleged that the hospital authorities did not inform them about her death. The hospital authorities said that there was no negligence in treatment of the patient who died of multi-organ failure.
The victim's relatives alleged that they were not properly communicated when the patient had died. It was also alleged that the hospital authorities tried to increase the bill by keeping the patient in the ventilation. That is why the hospital authorities did not bother to inform the family members of the patient about her death.
The hospital authorities, however, denied the allegation saying that the doctors left no stone unturned to save the patient but her condition deteriorated soon. Despite of all their efforts, the patient could not be saved. The patient's family members were also informed that the possibility of the patient's recovery was minimal.
According to a senior official of the hospital over the period of her stay in the hospital, the patient had been consulted by a team of senior Critical Care Specialists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Hematologists, Gastroenterologists, in addition to the Physician, Dr R K Dutta Roy, who was the chief consultant. She had severe dengue with macrophage activation syndrome with Multi Organ Failure, and had to be put on ventilation and required dialysis.
The family members came to know about the death of the patient on late Tuesday night. The family members and some local residents ransacked the ITU, some window panes and the furniture triggering tension among the patients who were admitted to the hospital.
After being informed, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. The police dispersed the mob and arrested five persons for creating trouble. A police picket had been set up as the tension prevailed in the hospital.

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