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Jawans manning Indo-Bangla borders celebrate Eid together

Jawans manning Indo-Bangla borders celebrate Eid together

BALURGHAT: The Border Security Force (BSF) and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) personnel on Wednesday exchanged greetings and sweets on Indo-Bangla border at Hili, about 26 km from here, to celebrate Eid.

According to a BSF source, senior officials of BSF and BGB attended a cultural event together and greeted each other with sweets and flowers.

Local residents of both countries assembled to take part in the festivities. Eid is one of the biggest festivals of the Muslims.

The BSF officials with their counterparts from Bangladesh celebrate the occasion every year at Hili. Thousands of local people gather there to witness the celebration.

Unlike the other days, there was no tight security arrangement for the entire day on Wednesday so that the people could greet each other freely without restrictions. The festival is known for universal brotherhood promoting the message of peace and prosperity across different communities and religions. Officiating commandant and second in command of BSF's 199 Battalion, D K Singh who attended the event, said: "We greeted each other with sweets on Eid. BSF and BGB officials also took part in it. Exchange of sweets is a customary of goodwill from both countries. It will surely strengthen the efforts to maintain peace and security in border areas."

Notably, sweets and flowers are also exchanged on other festivals like Holi and Diwali.

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