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'Jai Sri Ram' a slogan to win elections, says Abhishek

Purulia: Calling Narendra Modi as a "daily passenger", Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee said he comes to Bengal to ask people to vote for BJP and at one breath, remarked that he will never be seen after the election is over.

"Modi comes to Bengal as a daily passenger to address election rallies and seeks votes for the BJP but he will never be seen anywhere near Purulia once the election season is over. He is like an insect that comes before "Shyama Puja" and cannot be traced once it is over," he said.

Addressing a gathering here on Monday afternoon, Abhishek regretted that the BJP leaders are "asking for votes on the basis of achievements of the Indian Army, or in the name of Ram or assuring people that the Ram Mandir will be built in Ayodhya." He added: "But they never talk about development."

Abhishek challenged the BJP supporters to show what Modi has done for the Hindus. "In 2014, he had said that Ram Mandir would be constructed. Whenever vote comes, BJP talks about Ram or Ram Mandir but in the past five years, they have failed to construct it," he said adding: "People have understood that 'Jai Sri Ram' is a slogan to win the elections."

He said Modi's achhe din has turned out to be a nightmare for the common people. The price of cooking gas has gone up along with that of petrol and diesel. People are still reeling under the impact of the note ban and no one has got Rs 15 lakh in their accounts. "All these lies had been circulated in 2014 and in 2019, Modi has come up with another set of lies."

Abhishek urged the people to re-elect Mriganko Mahato to set up a secular pro-development government at the Centre. He also took part in a road show here. Braving unbearable heat, thousands of people attended his address.

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