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Indian Museum to introduce two new courses in bid to draw family visits

Kolkata: In an innovative step to attract more family visits, the Indian Museum is all set to start two new courses on Art Apprecia-

tion and Field & Applied Archaeology. The three-month courses will begin in the month of June.

"We feel that we have not been able to attract family audience to the museum as much as we desire. People have not learnt to appreciate art and nobody has taught them to do so. Our course in Art Appreciation is open to any graduate and we will love to have housewives joining the course. When a housewife comes to the museum, she brings her husband, child/children and also her in-laws. So, one candidate brings at least three or more people to the museum, each time they visit," said Rajesh Purohit, director of Indian Museum.

According to a senior official in the Museum, the Art Appreciation course will be very useful for those interested in amateur archaeology, antique collection or art collection. It will also be beneficial for those aspiring for jobs in the field of art, culture and archaeology. "People joining this course will understand how to appreciate art and various aspects of art, aesthetics, architecture, iconography, painting, sculpture and performing art like dance, music and folk art. It will act as an awareness booster for them and they will be able to report on discovery or attempts of pilferage of any artifact from their respective area," the official added.

The second course on Field and Applied Archaeology will be useful for those who want to take up museum studies, conservation of heritage properties or want to pursue a career as an art expert or antiquarian.

"It will also be useful for foreigners and embassy people if they are interested to know about Indian culture. Corporates joining this course will be taking interest in art entrepreneurship and art business in a proper way. They will be taking interest in monument conservation and making cultural institutions sustainable

by extending help as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR)," Purohit said. Those with Masters in Ancient Indian History or Culture of Archaeology can join the second course. Both the courses will come at a cost of Rs 3,000 each. Classes of two hours duration each day will be held twice a week. The first one and half hour will be dedicated to lecture and presentation and the next 30 minutes to practical learning.

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