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In 10 days, Didir Doot app has 2 lakh users already

In 10 days, Didir Doot app has 2 lakh users already

Kolkata: In a span of barely 10 days, the 'Didir Doot' application has reached more than 2 lakh downloads. "At a time when BJP is busy dividing people, 'Didir Doot' app is uniting the masses to fulfill Didi's dream of a prosperous Bengal. Didi's (Mamata Banerjee) focus on the well-being of everyone in Bengal has yielded in schemes, which have provided free ration, education and treatment to the entire state. She has also ensured an efficient administrative structure which has been able to implement these schemes," said a senior Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader.

The 'Didir Doot' application, which was launched on February 4, is a first-of-its-kind mobile application designed for the people of Bengal to directly connect with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee through live streaming and video conferences. The users can also write to her.

The app invites people to become 'Didi's messenger' and has sections like Didir Sathe Kaj Karun (Work with Didi, work for Bengal), Didir Sathe Jukto Thakun (interact with Didi) and Didir Kotha Janun (get the latest news on Didi and her campaigns). Leaders of TMC will use 'Didir Doot' vehicles for campaigning across the state and board those, who want to be directly connected with Didi and act as her messenger (Didir Doot) to spread her mission and vision across the state.

TMC MLA Shashi Panja tweeted urging people to connect directly with Didi through the app. "You can directly connect with #Didi via live streaming & video conferences. You can also stay updated with #Didi's initiatives and progress in the state through news feeds," tweeted Panja.

MP Nusrat Jahan also posted a video on her Twitter handle appealing to people to stay connected with Banerjee through the app. "Want to stay connected with #Didi? Want to become a messenger of #Didi's vision for West Bengal," Jahan posted on Twitter.

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