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IIEST guiding Tripura govt on development of solar plants

Kolkata: The Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur has started giving consultancy services to Tripura government on how to develop solar plants. The century-old Bengal Engineering College, now known as IIEST, is famous for innovations and teachers.
The IIEST will provide technical support and share expertise with the Tripura government in developing solar power on a large scale. This institution had started producing solar power some time ago. It has also been providing technical support to various organisations and government departments for quite some time. IIEST has immensely helped in installing solar panels at Eco Park in New Town as well.
It is one of the institutions that had taken initiatives for the maximum utilisation of non-conventional energy to generate power. The institution is already producing nearly 700 KW of solar energy per day. Solar panels weighing around 300-400 Kg have been set up at the institution.
The IIEST authorities have plans to produce solar energy so that its total demands of power could be met.
The energy produced from solar power has been used for illuminating the campus of the institute. It has already been producing energy from solar power and wind. The energy generated from these resources was already being used for illuminating and now, various projects have been started to produce power by using non-conventional energy resources inside the campus.
The energy can also be used for illuminating hostels as well as running pumps. Illuminating a portion of the college campus was one of the main purposes of the project. It will cut down the electricity bill significantly.
It has chalked out an elaborate scheme to generate renewable energy by utilising waste material. Kitchen wastes from the household are collected and then converted into bio-gas energy. All the vegetables and other household wastes are collected and then used through a proper mechanism to produce bio-gas.
A bio-digester has already been installed in the institution. The institution is producing around 13-14 KW of energy, utilising biomass.
It is also exploring how to generate wind energy on a large scale. According to a senior official of IIEST, it is already producing 2-3 KW of wind power.

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