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Identify real projects from fake ones, says Firhad Hakim

Kolkata: State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim on Saturday urged the associations of real estate developers to keep an eye on fake advertisements of properties so that commoners are not cheated.
"There are some places where we have seen advertisements being displayed regarding fake projects. People are paying for such properties and are getting duped. You have to keep a track on such things to have a clear line of distinction between real projects and fake ones," Hakim said on the sidelines of inaugurating a two-day event titled 'Premier Properties Summit 2018', organised by Realty Corpus.
Sources in the department said that recently such false advertisements of real estate projects in Rajarhat have come to the notice of the minister though there has not been any specific complaint with the department in this regard. "It is difficult for the government alone to keep an eye on such activities and hence, the different associations of real estate developers across the state should be on alert. If people lose their confidence in real estate, then the very business will be jeopardised," Hakim said, adding that if any specific complaint is lodged with the state government, then FIR will be initiated immediately.
Referring to a poser on building materials particularly about the earth being carried without following proper rules, the minister said the respective civic bodies giving approval for building plans in their respective areas will issue certain guidelines that should be followed by the developer.
"The civic bodies have the power to cancel the building plan of the developer for flouting these rules and regulations. So the law is there and if it is enforced in one or two cases by the civic bodies, then such practice will stop," the minister maintained.
It may be mentioned that such guidelines given by the municipality include a proper cover on vehicles used for carrying building materials, no dumping of construction materials, not allowing stagnant water at the construction sites that may turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the like.
Hakim also added that there are certain guidelines for controlling pollution which should be followed by real estate developers. He further urged them to emphasise on affordable housing projects. "Affordable housing projects are the order of the day as middle-class people are the real buyers of properties in modern times. A Bengali is most happy if he gets a home at an affordable rate," he said.
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