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I am your protector, won't allow riots, Mamata tells people

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday cautioned the people not to get swayed by rumours being floated by some people on social media to incite communal violence and asserted that her government would not allow riots to break out.

"Some people are carrying out propaganda on social media to incite communal violence. Do not believe rumours," Banerjee said, addressing a public meeting in Domkal of muslim majority Murshidabad district.

Calling herself "pahradar" (protector) of the masses, she said: "Do not be misled by provocations. We will not allow any riots".

Banerjee referred to the Ram Navmi rallies brought out in various districts recently by the rightwing Hindu organisations with the backing of the Bharatiya Janata Party in which a large number of participants carried swords.

"Our mothers and sisters take part in Sindur Khela (a custom where Hindu married women smear one another with vermillion during religious festivals). This is the culture of Bengal. And not the sword fights which some gentlemen from have imported from Delhi," she said.

Apparently targeting the BJP, Banerjee said a political party could not decide what people will eat or not just because it is in power.

"Whether I have rice and lentils or fish and rice... how can you decide what people will eat or not?

"What people will eat that is their business. Just because a certain political party is in power, it cannot decide that," she said.

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