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'How can he respect women when he doesn't respect his wife'

How can he respect women when he doesnt respect his wife

Kolkata: Reacting sharply to continuous mimicry of Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee "didi-o-didi", in her harshest criticism to the Prime Minister yet she, on Monday, said: "Someone who does not respect his own wife, what respect can we expect from him".

He keeps taunting. Does it suit the Prime Minister of a country? The way of speaking reflects one's nature. Modi babu you do mimicry saying "didi-o-didi" to taunt me in every meeting. A woman expects minimum respect. But, of course, how can you show respect to women as you never took care of your wife. Today, I am forced to say this. He visits his mother just for photo session. I never left my mother alone and I still feel why she left me so early," Banerjee said while addressing a rally at Dum Dum in support of her party's candidate Bratya Basu and Aditi Munshi from Dum Dum and Rajarhat-Gopalpur Assembly Constituencies respectively.

"Now, I feel ashamed thinking that our country got such a Prime Minister. His party too is so insensitive that no steps have been taken against their party's state president for inciting violence saying more Sitalkuchi-like incidents will take place. It is a shame. Such leaders should be banned," she roared urging her party's MP Saugata Roy to keep in mind that a Bill needs to be tabled "to ban such leaders". "Today we do not have majority in the House, but it does not mean we will not have one in future," she said, attacking BJP claiming that they have killed their own people (18-year-old Ananda Barma) from the Rajbangshi community "just to do Hindu-Muslim".

In all her four public meetings starting from Ranaghat in Nadia district, where Modi also held a meeting at Kalyani, to Dum Dum Banerjee lambasted BJP claiming that the Sitalkuchi incident was executed only after proper planning "entirely done by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and it was well known to the Prime Minister". She hit out at Modi as he alleged that the Sitalkuchi incident was an outcome of "TMC's masterplan to rig votes by taking away voting rights of people from different communities". She also requested the Election Commission not to listen only to BJP.

Once again assuring that Trinamool Congress will only form government for the third consecutive term with a thumping majority. "We will not let Bengal get ruled by Gujarat. This time it is the fight to safeguard Bengal's honour and pride and its people will never let it down. I am throwing a challenge to Narendra Modi that they will not get Bengal even if he holds 1,000 meetings here," Banerjee said.

"The plan of killing innocent people at Sitalkuchi was chalked in the presence of the Superintendent of Police, who was appointed by the EC after the polls were announced. We have already managed to get the names of those who had fired from the CISF. I will ensure a detailed probe into the incident. We have minute to minute information and we also know that a woman was sent at the spot to create a hue and cry claiming that her baby was kidnapped and firing was done planfully," she said.

Challenging Modi for his claim that "her government did nothing for the people from Matua community", she said, giving details of work done for the Matua community, "Today also he (Modi) said that we did nothing for Matuas. I challenge him to prove it. If he can prove I will quit politics and he must squat catching his ears if he fails to establish his claims. He went to Bangladesh along with a MP from Matua community. His visit led to riots in the neighbouring country as well."

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