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HIDCO to conduct bio diversity study of Eco Park

Kolkata: Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) has decided to conduct a bio diversity study of Eco Park by some expert group, led by the state Forest department.
Meanwhile, a photo booklet titled Echoing Green: a five year journey, has been published to celebrate five years of Eco Park.
The biggest urban park in the country stands on 480 acres of land, surrounded by 112 acres of waterbody.
Eco Park has been renamed as Prakriti Tirtha by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. It has become a great tourist attraction and over one crore people have visited the park in the past five years.
A five acre plot near Banglar Hat has been earmarked, where Pakhibitan will be created as a virgin ecosystem for insects, birds, lizards, reptiles and fish.
A preliminary study conducted so far, states that there are many types of butterflies in the Butterfly garden of Eco Park, along with three species of mammals, twenty four species of birds and 17 species of fish present in the urban park.
Eco Park serves as the lungs to the people of New Town. There are 23 varieties of bamboo in the Bamboo garden. The other important gardens are Hibiscus garden, Heliconia garden, Japanese Forest garden, Rabi Aranya - the herbal garden having 241 varieties of herbs, the Tropical Rainwater garden, etc.
The gardens are maintained meticulously and despite the presence of so many visitors, not a single tree has been damaged by the people.
There is a well maintained Butterfly garden, where some of the important varieties include Blue Mormon, Mormon, Lemon Pancy, Blue Pancy, Grey Pancy, Common Leopard, Common Rose etc. Among the birds are Stock Billed Kingfisher, White bellied Woodpecker, Rock Bush Quail, Green Munia, Malabar Whistling Thrush, etc.
Once the report of study of the bio diversity of Eco Park is ready, it will throw light on the condition of the flora and fauna in the urban park.

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