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HIDCO sets up shop to sell recycled products

Kolkata: In yet another move towards clean, green and eco friendly city, Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation ( HIDCO) set up a shop to sell

recycled products.

The shop, the only of its kind in Bengal, was inaugurated by HIDCO chairman Debashis Sen on the day which is the 158th birth anniversary of India's one of the foremost environment lover, Rabindranath Tagore.

Tagore had started Banmahotsav to plant saplings to preserve nature in Santiniketan. He was a lover of nature and had composed songs remembering different seasons.

He along with his friend Jagadish Chandra Bose, the famous Physicist turned Botanist took special measures to ensure that the nature in Santinketan is never destroyed. Tagore had appointed teachers who taught the young students on environmental awareness.

The shop called NKDA Corner for Recycled Goods is situated near the gate number 4 of Eco Park.

The shop has three counters that are being run by the NGOs. HIDCO has given the space to the NGOs free of cost for a stipulated period to popularise the venture. Collection boxes have been kept where people can offload e-waste, batteries and even old clothes.

Old clothes become a burden as there are few takers. Most of the NGOs no longer take used clothes as they find it difficult to distribute them among the beneficiaries.

In some European countries, even well to do people are buying used clothes as a part of the drive to save environment.

Attempts will be made to popularise this in New Town. The old clothes are recycled in such a manner that look attractive and smart.

Debashis Sen said it is expected that this venture will attract people. If successful, such shops can be opened in other areas like Sector V.

New Town is coming up fast as a clean and green city. Nurseries have been set up to grow tall trees which are planted in different areas of the township. Waste water recycling has started in New Town and the recycled water is used for watering roadside plants and gardens.

LED lamps have been installed to conserve power. Electric buses have been introduced and for the well being of the residents open air gyms have been installed. Pocket parks have been et up in Sector V. Residents have been inspired to grow vegetables on the roof top and steps have been from whom they can seek support

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