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Health Commission imposes fine of Rs 1L on pvt hosp

Kolkata: The West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC) in an interim order on Friday imposed a fine of Rs 1,00,000 on Mahabir Nursing Home in Howrah's Amta after the Commission found that a staff member without any medical degree carried out a delivery of a woman who had given birth to a stillborn baby.

The nursing home claimed that an USG conducted before the delivery revealed that the baby died in the womb. Rakesh Chakraborty, patient's husband told the Commission that during admission on October 14 this year, the hospital told them that the baby was fine but when the patient was finally taken to the operation theater an USG was performed on the patient, Priyanka Chakraborty. The family members also brought an allegation of glaring medical negligence in which the surgery was performed by a non-medical person. As a result, the patient continued to bleed profusely after the delivery. Chakraborty told the Commission during a hearing that the patient could have died in the incident. He also urged the Commission that the real cause of death of the baby inside the mother's womb must be brought to light.

He also sought justice for the medical negligence that was committed.

The Commission has therefore referred the case to the medical council to ascertain if there was any negligence in the treatment. After it receives the recommendations from the medical council, the WBCERC will pronounce its final judgment in this regard.

The woman had later recovered and was released from the nursing home. During the probe, the WBCERC found gross negligence on the part of the nursing home as a non-medical person was engaged for surgery and it was directed to pay a fine of Rs 1,00,000 to family of the victim. As Chakraborty, the patient's husband refused to take the money, the Commission further instructed the hospital to give the money to Ramkrishna Sangha, an orphanage in Howrah's Kasundia within two weeks.

In another incident the Commission has also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on Health Point Nursing Home in the city as it did not provide adequate details of the treatment in the discharge summary in connection with the treatment of an 85-year-old Tapas Kumar Bir, a resident of Palm Avenue. Patient's daughter alleged that the patient had red patches on his body during the release but he had no such ailments during admission.

CMRI has been directed to pay a fine of Rs 50,000 as there were discrepancies in the ultrasound report of a patient, Rina Rani Pal (59) who eventually died at the hospital. A resident of Joygachi main road, Pal was admitted with fever, breathlessness and kidney related ailments.

In another incident, the WBCERC asked the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical Centre to refund Rs 50,000 to a patient as it failed to provide any admission and treatment details of a Covid patient. The patient was referred to the hospital from another private hospital.

During a short stay the patient was again shifted to the other hospital. Daffodil Nursing Home has also been asked to refund Rs 50,000 to a patient who was excessively


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